Eraserhead – Cinematography – Frederick Elmes

An interesting note through Lynch’s image framework

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When thinking of the film Eraserhead, chances are, cinematography is not the first topic to come to mind, nor the name Frederick Elmes. Elmes has worked with Lynch on numerous films, as well as other notable less mainstream filmmakers. Elmes came onto the project of Eraserhead after the film had already been set into motion, but his camera work and keen eye for lighting, especially in black and white, made the film one of legends. Elmes clearly understood Lynch’s vision, and while setting the light maintained a severe amount of contrast for very distinctive purpose.

The film is, in my opinion and possibly many others, an abstract surrealist walk through some ones mind. The amount of contrast and darkness and struggle to see what ‘may’ be going on in the shadows works perfectly in achieving this sensation of eeriness or anxiety-ridden despondency: which is exactly what the main character, Henry…

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calling of medusa

black protuberance of shimmery jim jams surrounded the coherence well being of my aura
inspecting, speculating the desi beats hurled on the streets near the bay
the diminishing soul of sparrows, the harrowing gold found by the parrots
withering, burrowing into the hole of painful delights
mesmerized, evangelized i hurl at the steps of becoming
borrowing from the crowds, shouting all the norms
convivial and congenital
gallops it ran across the silent river
falling in the muddy pit
tied and untied
light and unwind
wondering profanity to be well sound
in the mysteries hurled and abound
shallow cassettes locked up in the closet
movies watched and wrecked
laughing until insanity locked the trephinated brain
equivalence with the tranquility became wane
treacherous bills and blood alike
gifting the shadows with spite
burrows becomes sane and dull until the coffee spilled
black when it was born and milk turned it white
shame of bourbon and wings of flight
becoming bestowing glittering and burrowing
braille seemed unnecessary like veil was mandatory
showering with wails of ears without drums looked pale
a voice i heard screaming in vain
never leaving the mind during the day.